How to live a calmer life and be more productive

April 6th, 2020

Do you also feel stressed at work? Are you experiencing pressure to do more, better, faster? Do you worry about your future work, relationships, finances, health issues, and other problems? It’s probably driving you crazy.

You have to do more. You have to do it faster. You’re not good enough! Be a better parent. No, you cannot take a day off. You need to train more. You gained weight. You need to make more money. You’re lazy. Increase performance, be useful, be competitive, be hyper-productive. Hyper, hyper. And it doesn't stop in the workplace.

We became so detached from ourselves that we need to consume a ton of information to feel like we are something. We fill ourselves with useless information all the time. Information age brought us some cool stuff but also enslaved us.

The real problem: We hate to break it to you, but you are causing the problems. The stress, the anxiety, the busy schedule, the suffering relationships.

It’s you who is causing all this with your decisions and choices. And you can stop it immediately.

What is the simplest way to balance your life?

You need to create a moment for yourself.

Every object that we hold is associated with an activity that we automatically start to do. Your bed implies sleeping. Your computer gets you into a working mode. A cigarette calms you down.

What if there was an object that reminded you to do nothing and just be?

Zen Egg reminds you to do nothing.

It’s a beautifully designed reminder that helps you create time for yourself.

Place it on a table or a shelf to ensure you notice it often enough. The extraordinary design of a Zen Egg will enrich your interior and serve as a centerpiece of the room.

It works as a reminder that helps you realize that you need a break from whatever you are doing and regain your inner power to succeed in your next move. Nudge it and observe its subsided swaying until it comes to a full stop. This meditative event will help you to project the feeling of stillness into your body and mind.

With time you’ll start to automatically associate it with calmness and absence of stress. It’ll be like muscle memory for your brain to calm down.

Zen Egg will help you be more successful

You feel like your brain is foggy because of the workload. Zen Egg will help you reduce stress and work more efficiently. You will experience less mental exhaustion by giving your mind small breaks during the day. By handling stress better in crucial moments you’ll be able to make better decisions.

Place the ZenEegg in your working environment to remind you to unplug and take a few minutes to calm down and self reflect. Grab the Zen Egg, play with it, nuge it, roll it, spin it and indulge yourself with a few playful minutes. It will help you relieve unnecessary worries. Your brain will quickly reset and start working with its full power. You will be ready for the next big step.

Zen Egg will help you achieve better athletic performance

It was long believed that running a mile in less than 4 minutes was impossible. It was thought that 4 minutes was a physical barrier for the human body. Turns out - it was just a psychological barrier. Roger Bannister broke that limiting belief when he ran a mile in 59.4 seconds in 1954. Within just 30 months, 10 more runners finished a mile in less than 4 minutes. This proves that your mental state is crucial for athletic performance.

Have you ever asked why you can’t stick to your training routine? Why do you lack the motivation to get up at 6 am to get your 1 hour of running or fitness in? Lack of motivation and energy is often associated with an unbalanced mind. Zen Egg will help you find inner balance and motivations in moments when you need it the most.

Nudge the Zen Egg and observe its subside swaying until it comes to a full stop. Try to mirror the effect of serenity and balance into your body and mind. Be like Zen Egg - upright, calm, quiet and centered.

Zen Egg will help you sleep better

Switching off in the evening is hard for some people. The weight of the day is just too much to handle. Zen Egg encourages you to practice switching off and calming down during the day, making it easier and more spontaneous in the evening.

Before you go to bed, grab the Zen Egg, touch squeeze it, stroke it, with your hand. Feel the warmth of the wood. The shape of an egg fits in a palm and gives you a soothing sense of comfort. Imagine yourself just being.

Zen Egg will save you money

You’ve probably tried meditation apps and courses and found yourself giving up after some time. Maybe you’ve even signed up for a real-life meditation/yoga course. It is not surprising that so many people give up soon after trying to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into their life. They try to take steps that are too big too fast.

Zen Egg will allow you to make steady progress at your own pace and our community will be there to support you. Baby steps are the way to go.

Zen Egg will help you develop meaningful relationships

You often say things you later regret that hurt relationships with your loved ones. Zen Egg will help you gain strength to think before speaking. Build more meaningful relationships by practicing mindfulness throughout the day. Sometimes taking a deep breath is what you should do instead of speaking up.

End the stress Now.

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