One minute of gratitude

24 Nov , 2019

For me it is so comfortably easy to worry and feel like a poor boy crying over fears instead of finding a solution and do something. It exhausts me and it takes my life from me. So I decided to give it a try and switch my worries for thankful thoughts. The soothing thoughts of gratitude create a light peaceful feeling in my stomach and chest. At first, it wasn't easy to find things to be grateful for. So I asked myself: What if I wouldn't have all these things that I have now? I quickly became aware of how lucky I am to have them. Yes, I am grateful for the inspiring book that I am reading, I am grateful for my ears so I can enjoy music, I am grateful for my apartment where I feel safe and warm… As soon as the feeling of gratitude fills my heart I become much less worried. It helps me to switch my mood instantly. I see a bigger picture of myself and feel more powered. My worries became a starting point for creating the solutions and do specific actions to achieve the life that I want. But it all starts with a simple act: One minute of grateful thoughts. At some days I do it dozen times a day. And it worked out every time. I am grateful that I show love to myself with paying attention to my mood so I can be sure that I will persistently nurture myself even 100x times a day if needed.
Thank you for reading this