Zen Egg - create time for yourself

"Zen Egg was created with an emphasis on tangible sensations. We are tactile creatures; it's common for us to have something in our hands. I started to realize that every object we hold is associated with some activity that we automatically start doing. It's for this reason that I wanted to develop an object to remind us to do nothing but breathe a little. A lot of good can come out of a few minutes of just listening to ourselves."

- Gašper Premože

How was the Zen Egg hatched?

Watch the 4-minute video showcasing the beginning of the Zen Egg.

How to use your Zen Egg?

Unplugging from a busy routine to self-reflect may sound easy, but putting it into practice can be quite challenging. Zen Egg is a nifty tool designed to help you take that crucial first step, which is often the most difficult. But how does it achieve that?"

  • Calm

    Nudge the Zen Egg

    and observe the subsided

    swaying. Exhale slowly and

    search for your inner center.

    Calm down and ground

    yourself just as does

    the Zen Egg.

  • Massage

    The rounded shape of

    the Zen Egg, perfectly fits in

    the palm, while its pointed tip

    allows you to apply pressure

    directly and easily to

    relieve body


  • Reminder

    Put your Zen Egg

    on your desk, table or

    shelf to help you remind

    to unplug and take a few

    minutes for the most

    important person

    - yourself

Designer's word

"In busy lifestyles, we often neglect ourselves. It's not easy to unplug from the digital world on a daily basis. In moments of stress, I found myself stuck in screens, failing to acknowledge that my mind wasn't at its best. After struggling with the repercussions of this, I devoted my time to creating a manifested message - Zen Egg."

- Gašper Premože

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