What is your eggscuse?

26 Nov , 2019

Sometimes it is so hard for me to take five minutes out of my busy schedule. When I think of taking time for myself, I feel the pressure (there is never enough time!), duty and fear of uncompleted tasks. My brain can find dozens of excuses why not to take a break: There is no quiet place to go, it is too far. What if someone calls me during my break? What if I miss an important client? I am in a hurry; I have to write this e-mail… Blah blah blah.
I have learned that these are only thoughts and not necessarily a real situation. What I always do is to stop and ask myself a simple question: Is my work truly that important that I cannot take five minutes of »me time«? Asking this question, it is easier for me to leave the sense of duty behind and MAKE A DECISION to take a break. Five minutes is enough to calm down, focus and gain a new energy which makes me feel more productive. After that I am feeling happy and grateful for showing myself love and care.